AMA #1

Hey guys! Do you have a timeframe for release of the chart?

Our roadmap shows the overall timeframe and that's all we can say on the timeframe for now.

How is the roadmap going? I know you started a few days ago but could you reach some Milestones yet?

We have been ticking off some minor milestones and we have expanded on our roadmap further. As we go one, we will continuously update and expand on our roadmap as and when we are able to.

I believe in DNUT fully. What can yall say about your team to give the rest of the world confidence that you can deliver?

- We got into the BSC ecosystem not as developers but as investors, meaning we had our fair share of shitcoins, good investments and rugs. We're determined to ensure that DNUT can serve not just as a good investment, but as an example for how community-run tokens should be. - We're young, so technology is a priority for us. No boomer PHP/Java allowed. Some of the team members have worked in big tech firms that deal with large-scale software. We're still learning though, and hope to get a good job done with what we can learn. - Above all, we develop with a passion and most importantly, we love making users happy.

Will you put in space for ads as well? I’d love to see an option for light&dark mode for the charts. :)

We have allocated spaces for ads and we do have light/dark mode support. You can see these in the mockups we released.

Are you going to integrate with Traderview?

We are testing other chart providers as our importance is on minimalism. We find that tradingview has many advanced charting features that most users do not make use of. Therefore, as much as possible, we will be using a chart provider that is able to fulfil our simplistic design needs

How do you plan on taking users from poocoin?

We will be advertising on poocoin as well as sharing our website’s link when people want to look at token charts. We'll also come up with incentives for new tokens to use our platform's link to display their chart.

Why does your service as strictly a chart provider even need its own currency?

The developers are holding onto 3% of the coins which are used to fund the charts platform. By having our own coin, the price inflation helps us sell off the tokens incrementally, which helps pay for the running of the site. In addition, the coin can be used to build an ecosystem (which we are planning to do) around the website (e.g. how PCS uses CAKE). Besides, poocoin and bogged have their own tokens as well and we believe its for the same reasons.

What is your favorite donut?

Dev1: Deez Nuts
Dev2: Chocolate
Dev3: DNUT

Why did you introduce a charity quotient?

We want to give back to the community, and a charity coin is a good way to do that. The new charity token will have reflection, which means the holders of the coin will earn more coins as others are buying. A small percentage of the coins will also be sent to the dev wallet, which when reaches a certain $$, we will be donating to charities.

I heard that this is just a test coin. Can you explain that?

This was originally planned just for testing. And we were going to release a second coin, which was meant to help fund us in the long run. However, we decided as a community that it was ideal to keep the current coin instead of releasing a new coin.

When is the Listing for CG planned? How long will it take to launch the platform?

CoinGecko listing has already been submitted. Platform is scheduled to launch in Q3 of this year.

Will you be making a mobile app version?

Not exactly since the webpage will be mobile friendly. But we do have a larger secret project which will envelope Donut Charts which will be revealed much later :P

exchange listing?

For now, we do not have any plans for listing on other exchanges.

Why do you want to copy poocoin? Can’t you have more creativity and be more original?

In today's world where the technology space is so competitive, many different applications/projects are technically "copies" of one another but with unique selling points. Our selling point? We are building a platform with more features and lesser clutter. We saw a gap in the market for a minimal and functional token info platform and we decided to fill it. Moreover, launching the basic platform is only step one in our roadmap and we have much more planned which we believe is creative and as we reveal more information, our investors will see it the same way :)

What will hodlers be able to use DNUT token for? For eg, staking, pro mode etc?

Possibly pro features on the website and some free airdrops of sister coins that we may launch in the future as a reward for being loyal investors. Regardless, we intend to center the platform around DNUT, so hold on tight.

Just curious what is the relationship between the 3 devs and the 2 mods? Your chats seems to me that you don’t know each other “in real life”?

The three devs of the project are the ones who originally started the project. Yes, you are absolutely right, the mods and the devs do not know each other "in real life". We found two enthusiastic long-term investors/believers and appointed them as moderators as we needed some moderators in other timezones to manage the chat while we are asleep.

What is the role of the 3 devs? For eg, backend, frontend, UX etc?

Two of us are web developers, one working on the frontend (UI), while the other is working on the backend (functions, etc). The third dev is our UI designer.

How many % are you to an MVP? Would love to have something (even if incomplete) to use for viewing DNUT charts rather than going to poocoin..

Maybe about 35%? And sure we will try to push a demo around 75% completion!